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In 1936, Clifton Conlee set up shop at 122 N. Mill Street in Clio Michigan. The name of the business was Conlee Motor Sales where they had a dealership for Pontiac Cars, sold Mobil Petroleum products, and had 1 single gas pump. This marked the beginning of Conlee Oil Company legacy. From that year on they made changes throughout the business. In 1938, they added International Trucks and McCormick Deering Farm equipment to the business and changed the name to Conlee Sales. In 1941, the car dealership changed to Dodge and Plymouth and then later on that year that franchise was just discontinued. 1946 was the year they expanded to be a distributor for Mobil Products under the name Conlee Oil and Tractor Sales.

The second station that became Conlee is on 815 S. Mill Street, they bought that property in 1953. In the year 1957, the Company became incorporated. Then in 1960 the McCormick line was discontinued. Therefore they were just known as Conlee Oil. The third station came in the year 1961 and it was in Birch Run Michigan. After that it wasn’t until the 70’s when they went on to buy a location in Otisville Michigan. Then in 1981 the station on Vienna Rd. came and then in '89 the station in Frankenmuth came. They decided in 2005 that they were going to add one more station and that is when our station in Montrose came to be Conlee Oil. Throughout the years above the business kept growing and future business owners came into play. Clifton’s son’s Robert and Richard became part of the company in the 60’s and 70’s. Then in the 90’s Richard’s son Jeff became part of the business. Finally in the 2000’s, Roberts children Michelle and Devin became part of the Conlee Oil Family Business. They are still going strong today and in 2011 the company celebrated its 75 year anniversary.

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Conlee Oil is always looking for talented people from diverse backgrounds, who enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and who have strong interpersonal and business skills. These attributes will help Conlee Oil maintain in its position as mid-Michigan's convenience store industry. Because we believe that people are the Conlee Oil's most valuable asset, we offer employees: Competitive pay, bonus opportunities, comprehensive training, and a whole lot more! 

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